Hughes Remix Project (in collaboration with the SPE 2014 National Conference)

Hughes Collection


The re-presentation of archival images in part or as a whole has become a standard in contemporary photographic practice. Methods are as varied as the artists themselves from Rauschenberg’s inclusion of media images in his prints to Levine’s reappropriation of FSA photographs and from Fontcuberta insertion of himself into archival images to Umbrico excising of images from the collective archive. As one of the leading resources and repositories for photography, the UMBC Special Collections Department will offer a selection of truly Baltimore images for reinterpretation and response, by whatever means you find most appropriate.

The Special Collections Department of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery owns and houses nearly 3,000 8″x10″ glass plate negatives of The Hughes Company, a Baltimore commercial photography studio, which reached its pinnacle during the early 20th century. This gift of Gaither Scott (son of James W. Scott and later head of the studio) depicted life and commerce in Baltimore for clients as wide reaching as Westinghouse and the Baltimore Sun.

UMBC invites you to remix, reinvent, reinterpret, and reimagine the images in this archive of Baltimore street scenes, promotional and advertising photographs, businesses, churches, schools, monuments, factories, machinery, and portraits. Each screen resolution image will be archived as a file in the UMBC Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery’s Special Collections and presented at various venues during the SPE 2014 conference including the hotel’s CCTV programming and the projection event at MICA.

UMBC Special Collections grants rights to the images in this collection to all participants for usage in this project alone. A credit line including the following should be included with the work: “with images from the Hughes Collection, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.” For future usage of images within this collection, please contact Special Collections at

– Submission deadline: 2/22/14
– ONLY images submitted by 11:59pm on February 22, 2014 will be included in the presentations at the SPE venues. However, for those still interested in participating and having their work appear on Tumblr, the submission page will close at 11:59pm March 31, 2014


– A curated portfolio of Hughes Collection images is available as a set on the AOK Library’s Flickr stream:

– Download any of the images you’d like to use.
(these images are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic, however for the duration of this project and the scope of this exhibition, you are granted permission to create derivative works from these images according to the guidelines above)

– Visit the full Hughes Collection at (Click the “> > > Browse this collection” link at the bottom. You are also welcome to download or request a .jpg of any image from the full collection. Just contact Special Collections at (

– Specs:
Required pixel dimension: 1280px on the longest side.
(Tumblr will resize to 1280px)

– Submit your images via the Hughes Remix Tumblr:


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