Opportunity for Photography Students Thursday April 21st.

My name is Raquel Minwell. I have been asked by a local non profit, 100+ Baltimore to find a photography student who is interested in taking photos for their event this Thursday Night at Union Brewery.  This is not a paid gig but it could be a great opportunity for someone who is interested in adding event work to their portfolio. Up until now the organization has taken all of their photos with cellphones so this could be a great opportunity to shine. Additionally, this is an event that they hold quarterly so there could be more opportunities to work with them.

Below is more info from David, my contact at 100+ about the assignment. I am looking to find someone to fill this position quickly as the event is this Thursday April 21. Please contact me with any questions raqui@raqwell.com.

From David:

We are looking for a local photographer interested helping us grow! Our 1st priority is event photos since all photos to date have been taken from our cellphones:

Our events are setup to be around 100 minutes: 50 minutes social/50 minutes business. We would like photography to begin after everyone has arrived, so closer to the end of the social portion through the rest of the event
We are really hoping to capture the idea that 100+ Baltimore is fun and easy opportunity for anyone to make a real impact to our local Baltimore community, without time-consuming fundraising and planning: 100+ people, $100 each, 100 minutes of their time. Right now, we are focused on building our membership towards 100+ people from the 15+ we have today.
We currently have 2 sponsors, and are always looking for new ways to promote them since this is what we offer in return for their support:
Event venue (eg Union Craft Brewing)
D’Anna Printing & Promotionals, Inc.(www.dannaprints.com) who provides our promotional items like the big check.

We are also open to a photographer providing photos for our Instagram account where we post fun photos of all the reasons we love Baltimore, and why we want to to help it B’more. In return for their support, we offer advertisement on our social media:
“Continued Supporter” listing on our website – http://www.100plusbaltimore.com/donation-history.html
Instagram hashtag – #PhotosByRaqwellPhotography for example
Tagging on all Instagram/FB photos

Thank you for your time,

Raquel Minwell
Raqwell Photography Founder



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