Manuals for cameras not listed here may be found at

Jobo  – CPP-2, Loading Reels,  Expert Drums

Light Meters

•  Gossen LunaPro Digital
•  Sekonic 308 Flash Meter
•  Polaris Flash Meter
•  Sekonic 718 Flash Meter

Digital Cameras

•  Nikon D3000
•  Nikon D3200
•  Nikon D3300
•  Nikon D80
•  Nikon D90 (Infra Red only, watch this tutorial for white balance instructions)
•  Nikon D810
Nikon D 5100
•  Nikon D7100
•  Cam Ranger
•  Canon T5i
•  Canon 6D

35mm Film Cameras

• Promaster 2500 w/28-70mm lens
• Nikon F3
• Nikon F5
• Nikon F100
Nikon N80
Nikon N90S Manual
• Canon EOS 650
Canon EOS-5
• Olympus OM2
• Pentax K1000
• Pentax PZ-70
• Yashica FR
• Yashica FX-D


Medium Format

Large Format

Lighting Equipment


Studio Strobes

Hot Lights



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